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      Analiza sistema upravljanja otpadom primenom LCI i LCIA metoda - studija slučaja Južno-bačkog regiona za upravljanje otpadom - Srbija [1]
      Analysis of municipal waste management systems using LCI and LCIA: Case study South Backa waste management region: Serbia [1]
      Applicability of the PA-BAT+ in the evaluation of values of urban protected areas [1]
      Application of s/s method in the treatment of contaminated soil from non-sanitary landfills in the republic of Serbia [1]
      Atrazine in groundwater of Vojvodina Province [1]
      Bezbednosno-obaveštajni sistemi država postjugoslovenskog prostora [1]
      Bioremediation of soil polluted with oil [1]
      Biosorptive removal of Pb2+, Cd2+ and Zn2+ ions from water by Lagenaria vulgaris shell [1]
      Changes of faty acids content and vigor of sunflower seed during natural aging [1]
      Chemometric Approach to Pesticide Residue Analysis in Surface Water [1]
      Comparison of municipal waste management systems using lca. South Backa waste management region. A case study [1]
      Conceptual approach to organizing local self-government in emergency situations [1]
      Contaminated sites. Practice of solid waste management in a developing country (Serbia) [1]
      Contamination of Cow Milk by Heavy Metals in Serbia [1]
      Crisis management in the Republic of Serbia on local and regional level [1]
      Current state of emergency management in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Determination of captan, chlorpyriphos and cypermethrin residues in cherries [1]
      Determination of Niclosamide and its Metabolites in Liver and Muscles of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) Fingerlings [1]
      Determination of the trans fatty acid content of Serbian shortenings by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry [1]
      Determination of trans fatty acids in foodstuffs by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry after simultaneous microwave-assisted extraction-esterification [1]