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      A Brief Bibliometric Analysis of Microplastic and Nanoplastic Particles in Food [1]
      A comparative study of the extreme value theory model in investments [1]
      Abuse of dominant position as a barrier to re-industrialisation and recovery of economy [1]
      An approach in the analysis of communication-information system model in military operation [1]
      An empirical evaluation of Value-at-Risk: The case of the Belgrade Stock Exchange index - BELEX15 [1]
      An Empirical Examination of Investment Risk Management Models for Serbia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia [1]
      An overview of biomass energy utilization in Vojvodina [1]
      Applicability of the PA-BAT+ in the evaluation of values of urban protected areas [1]
      Application of AHP method in support of decision-making of CIS selection in the land forces operations [1]
      Application of dynamic programming in planning costs of telecommunication security operations to provide aid to civilian authorities [1]
      Assessment of the effectiveness of policy implementation for sustainable energy development in Southeast Europe [1]
      Broadband networks as a basis for private sector development in the EU: Roadmap for the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Case study: Economic index of energy security - monetization of all costs approach [1]
      Challenges of increasing competetiveness of Serbian agro-industry in the process of mitigation of emergency situation [1]
      Challenges of the republic of Serbia in the treatment of waste sludge contaminated with heavy metals [1]
      Chemometric Approach to Pesticide Residue Analysis in Surface Water [1]
      Chinese social credit system: New challenges for the right to privacy? [1]
      Circular Economy as a Mechanism for Reducing Plastic Waste [1]
      Cirkularna ekonomija kao mehanizam za redukciju otpada od plastike, [1]
      Cogeneration in the light of the provisions of EU state aid [1]