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      A measurement setup enabling automatic characterization of silicon piezoresistive MEMS pressure sensors [1]
      An algorithm for image stitching and blending [1]
      Analytical modelling of the transient response of thermopile-based MEMS sensors [1]
      Constrained-group-delay-optimized multiple-resonator-based harmonic analysis [1]
      Electrical Characterization of Microbial Fuel Cells-Method and Preliminary Results [1]
      Erratum: Maximally Flat-frequency-response multiple-resonator-based harmonic analysis (IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas. (2017) 66:12 (3387–3398) DOI: 10.1109/TIM.2017.2751799) [1]
      Evolution of Construction, Performance and Application of Microbial Fuel Cells Based on River and Acid Mine Drainage Sediments [1]
      Frequency-response-controlled multiple-resonator-based harmonic analysis [1]
      Group-Delay-Controlled Multiple-Resonator-Based Harmonic Analysis [1]
      ICTM pressure transmitter in the feed water system of the thermal power plant [1]
      Maximally Flat-Frequency-Response Multiple-Resonator-Based Harmonic Analysis [1]
      On Multiple-Resonator-based Implementation of IEC/IEEE Standard P-Class Compliant PMUs [1]
      On the design of compact intelligent industrial transmitters based on piezoresistive MEMS pressure sensors [1]
      Policy of raising the capacity of local self-governments for management of emergencies [1]
      Power Components Estimation According to IEEE Standard 1459-2010 Under Wide-Range Frequency Deviations [1]
      Prototype of the multichannel acquisition system developed for ICTM pressure transmitters [1]
      Self-Powered Wearable Breath-Monitoring Sensor Enabled by Electromagnetic Harvesting Based on Nano-Structured Electrochemically Active Aluminum [1]
      Sensing gas type and pressure with multipurpose device based on seebeck effect [1]
      Simulation of performance of thermopile based gas sensors applied for emission monitoring in thermal power plants [1]
      Simultaneous Reactive-Power and Frequency Estimations Using Simple Recursive WLS Algorithm and Adaptive Filtering [1]