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      A Brief Bibliometric Analysis of Microplastic and Nanoplastic Particles in Food [1]
      Active teaching methods in ESL classes [1]
      Analiza eksterne pozicije Republike Srbije: Struktura i trend kretanja spoljnog duga [1]
      Application of chlorophyll a fluorescence technique in the estimation of the negative effects of Erysiphe alphitoides (Griffon and Maubl) U. Braun and S. Takam. on photosynthesis of Quercus robur L. [1]
      Bezbednosno-obaveštajni sistemi država postjugoslovenskog prostora [1]
      Circular economy and eco-innovation indicators as imputs for EU sustainable development strategies [1]
      Circular Economy as a Mechanism for Reducing Plastic Waste [1]
      Circular Economy as an Imperative of Sustainable Development in North Macedonia and Serbia [1]
      Cirkularna ekonomija kao imperativ održivog razvoja u Severnoj Makedoniji i Srbiji [1]
      Cirkularna ekonomija kao mehanizam za redukciju otpada od plastike, [1]
      Combining Internet of Things and Crowdsourcing for Pervasive Research and End-user Centric Experimental Infrastructures (IoT Lab) [1]
      Comparative analysis of the use of new technologies and NTC learning method: A case study [1]
      Comparison of Pre and Post Development Low Flow Conditions for Drina River [1]
      Conceptual approach to organizing local self-government in emergency situations [1]
      Connectivity of Geochemical Composition of Sediments and Soils in the Large Urban River Catchment [1]
      Consumer behaviour - building marketing strategy [1]
      Corporate restructuring in the economy of tourism sector: a case study of Air Serbia [1]
      Correlation Analysis of Students’ Success in Solving Analytic Geometry and Multiple Integral Problems [1]
      Correlation and path analysis of grain yield and components of grain yield of maize (Zea mays L.) [1]
      Correlation between abundance of microplastics and concentration of phthalate esters [1]